Our meeting was held outside today at the Gazebo at Connell Park.  Andrew Garnett chaired the meeting with DG Darren Hansen in attendance and he was our Program.  We had 21 Rotarians in Attendance.  Click the link to view the Ray and see the minutes of the meeting.
DG Hansen shared a story about his life experience with Rotary and his Grandfather and also how Rotary has made his life better and the lives of those around his community and the world.
As you will read in the minutes our meeting next week will be on Zoom, Our President will be sending out the Zoom details this week for members to log onto.
Have a great week Rotarians!
President: Matthew Box                                                                                                                                            Secretary: Rob McCormack
The Rotary Ray
The voice of the Woodstock Rotary Club
The meeting was held at Connell Park Gazebo at 12:00pm on Monday, September 27,   2021.
                       Andrew Garnett was chair.
The Four-Way Test was led by: Eugene Craig
Introduction of GUESTS: DG Darren Hansen
Grace was said by: Gary Stewart
Previous Minutes:
Approved as circulated.
Business arising from minutes:
  • Shelter Box $5000.00 request is on hold pending a review of new information regarding shelter box.
  • Committee list from President Matt Box is on hold for now.
  • Request for $53000.00 to cover the cost of the pilot project to
New Business / Committee reports:
  • Motion to send request to BOD 1st Eugene Craig, 2nd Jon Tait
  • Jon Tait provided a financial report from Bingo Committee.
  • Bob Stokes – Blood Donor Clinic Oct 5&6 volunteers must be fully vaccinated. 
  • Rob McCormack-New ERay bulletin will be used in place of emailing the Ray.  The Ray will be in the bulletin.  You will receive it by email and it will be available on Clubrunner anytime you wish to access it.
  • Angela Acott Smith- Update on last Rotoract meeting past Thursday.  Rotoract just finished a Meal at Harvest House.
  • Angela Acott Smith – We are forming a committee to review the bylaws of the club,  volunteers are needed and welcome.  The goal is to have a review complete with recommendations for the AGM.
Program: DG Darren Hansen
Introduced by John Slipp.  DG Hansen was born in Fredericton and now lives in Moncton with his wife and twin daughters.  DG Hansen recognized Past DG Slipp and Past President Scott Dunlop for the hard work during a difficult past year.  Rotary Club of Woodstock was recognized as being the leader in the Tulip Campaign for both districts 7810 and 7820.
DG Hansen shared a story about his life experience with Rotary and his Grandfather and also how Rotary has made his life better and the lives of those around his community and the world.
 Things our DG would like to put priority on would be hands on community projects with special consideration for environmental service projects.  There will be communication coming out on a District wide program set to go in June.  Membership, try to grow our numbers, Each on bring one, each member should try and bring a potential new member into a Rotary meeting or function (When Covid permits).  Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion should be front of mind.
Rotary Foundation – Our DG recommends we look for ways to increase giving to the foundation by 10%, the Foundation has been receiving more requests than ever and the need for more money is there more than ever.
President report: by Matt Box
  • Next Week’s Meeting will be by Zoom only.  We will go week to week evaluating the Covid situation to determine if we will do zoom or in person.
  • I have been in contact with Andrea McIinnis about Interact.  She believes there will be an interact club and they look forward to being active.
  • I will try to get to the chairs of the committees this week and see what chairs are staying and what committees there are going to be this year.
  • Rod Hawkins – My Grandfather worked on Tinker Dam as well.
  • Jon Tait – Barb won an award.  Kent Orlando has given away the most money on Bingo.
  • Barb Kierstead – I entered my first horse show yesterday and won 3 awards.
  • David Alward – We were in Sussex this past weekend and did well with his beef cows again.
  • Angela Acott Smith – Thank you to John Slipp and his Wife Darla as well as Rotarian Jeff for helping Rotoract with community events.
  • Eugene Craig – Paul Flemming’s son is now in NB
  • Gary Stewart – My Cardinals have now won 16 in a row
Fines:       Gary Beatty levied the following fines:
  • Gary Stewart – smart remark about Barb
  • Bob Stokes – for getting money out
The meeting was adjourned @ 12:50
Date                       Chair                     Grace                     Program                      
Monday, Oct  4       Andrew Garnett     Barb Kierstead       School Literacy Joanne Boone
Monday, Oct 11       Thanksgiving Holiday       No Meeting
Monday, Oct 18      Shelly Hubbert       Jeff Bradbury         Ken Anthony Town of Woodstock
Monday, Oct 25      Matt Box               Alison McLellan      Business Meeting
Scheduled Blood Donor Clinics: Please mark your calendar for the dates below.  All clinics are Tuesday and Wednesday at the Woodstock Best Western.
Date:                   Time: 
Oct. 5 - 6             1:00 – 4:00 and 5:30 – 8:30 PM
Jan. 4 – 5            1:00 – 4:00 and 5:30 – 8:30 PM
Mar. 1 – 2            1:00 – 4:00 and 5:30 – 8:30 PM